To wake the lock up, you can either:

1. Press the Lock button for 5 seconds

2. Plug in the USB C cable

The lock will go back to sleep in 1 minute in the unpaired state.


Ensure that the lock is fully charged before using it. If the battery is completely flat, you may need

to plug in the USB C cable and charge it.

Test the lock with the Factory PIN code before you begin the pairing process.

1. Wake the lock by pressing any button on the front body.

2. Tap , then enter 1234567890, followed by .

3. The LED indicator on the lock will flash green when it is successfully unlocked. You will

also hear four ascending tones.

Once you have tested it, you can now begin to pair the lock to your iglooworks account.

1. Select [Locks] from the menu.

2. Tap [Pair New Lock].

3. Select the property.

4. Tap [Next].

5. Select the lock model and follow the steps shown on the screen.


Ensure your Bluetooth and Location services are turned on. You may have to perform a

Bluetooth sync after successfully pairing the lock to obtain the initial battery status of the device.