Audrey Banaga   (


Lock Ownership

Lock ownership belongs to Lam Research.

iglooco Platform used:


Business Summary

  • Based in Los Angeles, CA   USA

  • They research semiconductor technologies

  • They have research facilities around the world

  • They use padlocks with igw on their equipment lockers and assets for security and tracking.

Who Are Potential Callers?

  • A caller could be anyone at a facility with access issues 

  • Because of sensitivity to equipment, any questions  - regardless of complexity - should be routed through the LAM team and confirmed through their email reply.

Questions Requiring Authorization

  • All questions (both hardware and ownership)  regarding these locks should be routed through the primary contact Audrey. 

  • If caller confirms the lock is associated with the LAM Research:

    • Obtain caller  Name, Email,  Phone number,  and address with the lock

    • Advise caller that for security purposes,  all questions will be routed through the Marble team.

    • Email

      Hi Audrey, ,
      igloocompany support received a question regarding a lock on your account.
      Caller contact info is:
      BT ID (if available)
      Caller question is : ____________________________________

      Please advise how you would like us to proceed. 

  • If emergency,   Audrey can be reached 510.386.8917;    US Pacific Time

  • Once a reply is received from LAM ,  then follow-up per their guidance.